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Contactless Fraud Soars to Over £7m

"The amount of money stolen from contactless bank cards and mobile devices has soared, it has emerged. Almost £7m was taken in 2016, compared to £2.8m in 2015, according to Financial Fraud Action UK. In the [...]

Concerns about contactless security – The Scotsman

In this report, the Scotsman discusses the impact of contactless card crime and shows the dramatic increase of this type of crime. It also takes extract from our independent research that found that 24% of [...]

Payment card fraud – Sunday Herald report covers the concerns of Scottish public

In this article published in April 2016, the Sunday Herald shows that more than half of Scottish adults believe that more should be done to tackle payment card fraud. It also pints to the test [...]

How the Defender Note could protect against card fraud – Daily Mail Online

This article that was featured on the Daily Mail online and noted that there were £7.75 billion contactless card payments in the UK last year. As this article points out, losses from contactless card fraud in [...]